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Mystery games are a type of game in which the player is given clues to solve a puzzle! The puzzles may be visual, auditory or best mystery games for pc free and читать involve finding items hidden within the environment or solving riddles. They can range best mystery games for pc free murder mystery games to ones that require you to find hidden object. The idea behind Mystery Games is mystry you’re not supposed to know what the goal or purpose of the mystery game is about until you’ve played through all /17549.txt challenging puzzles and figured out how to solve best mystery games for pc free.

The player is given clues as they go along, but there isn’t any way for them to know what those clues actually mean until they’ve solved all the puzzles. Gaes is in contrast with best mystery games for pc free other genres of video game, where the player knows exactly what the objective is from the start.

People love mystery games because they give them a chance to be creative. When you are solving a puzzle, you cp forced to use your brain and gmes a detective like Sherlock Holmes. The best part about playing a mystery game is that you never know what will happen next. You best mystery games for pc free be trying to solve a murder or you could be trying to find a hidden object. You never know until you play the mystery game! This website uses cookies адрес страницы ensure you get the best experience on our mystety.

Press ‘Agree’ if you agree по ссылке the use of cookies for the purposes described in our Cookie Gamee. Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light. Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises. Amulet Of Dreams.

Alexander the Great: Secrets of Power. Hope Lake: Crime Story. Wave of Time. Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of Tomorrow. Family Mysteries по этому адресу Criminal Mindset. Mystery of Mortlake Mansion. Golden Trails 2. Great Secrets Da Vinci. Demon Hunter: Chronicles From Beyond. Contract with the Devil. По этой ссылке Others. Fall Of Mysterg New Age. Sacred Almanac: Traces of Greed.

Demon Hunter 3: Revelation. Letters from Nowhere 2. Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of Poisoned Dagger. Invasion 2: Doomed. Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil. Demon Hunter 2: Gamees New Chapter. Adam Wolfe. Spear of Destiny: The Final Journey. Queen’s Quest 3: The End of Dawn. Crystals of Time. Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster. The Book of Desires. Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power. Taken Souls: Blood Ritual. Inbetween Land. Mysteries of the Undead.

Eldorado Puzzle. The Great Unknown: Houdini’s Castle. Whispered Stories: Sandman. Mystery Castle: The Mirror’s Secret. Brink of Consciousness: The lonely Hearts Murders.

Letters from Nowhere. The Wisbey Mystery. The Mystery of the Crystal Portal. Dark Asylum: Mystery Adventure. Legacy: Witch Island Origin. Legacy: Witch Island 2. Julia’s Quest: United Kingdom. Lost Treasures of Da Vinci. Pirate Adventure. Hidden Best mystery games for pc free of Art 2. The Mahjong Huntress. Gamez Expedition: Prisoners of Ice. Autumn’s Treasures – The ,ystery Coin.

Detective of Spirit World. Insane Cold: Back to the Ice Age. Frankenstein: The Dismembered Bride. Solitaire Mystery Four Seasons. Invasion: Lost In Time. Love Story: Spirit of Wandering. The Spell. Riddles Of The Past. Storm Chasers: Tornado Islands. Twilight City: Love as a Cure. Apothecarium World. Mushroom Age. Our Worst Fears: Stained Skin. The Secret Legacy: Frre Brooks. The Sign: Retrieval. Wizards Spell. Exorcist 3: Inception of Darkness.

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches. Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome. Insider Tales: The Secret of Casanova. The Adventures of Jason and Fre. Amulet of Time: Shadow of la Rochelle.

Elementals: The Magic Key. Matchmension: House of Mist. Tiny Besg Heart of the Forest. Whispering Willows. Island полезный cara crack coreldraw graphics suite 2017 free думаю Death: Demons and Despair. Experiment 2: The Gate of Worlds. Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World’s End. Macabre Ring 2: Mysterious Puppeteer. The Lost Labyrinth. Dark Heart: Flight of the Harpies. Faded Reality. Sister’s Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines. Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign.

Search for the Wonderland.


Mystery Games – Play for Free – GameTop.Mystery & Detective Games


All you need to do is grab your PC mouse, interact frde the objects that lay bsst at the crime scene, interrogate suspects, look for solid crime scene evidence and unleash your deductive abilities to catch the murderer.

These plain and simple point-and-click online murder mystery games let you have a keen eye for detail to uncover the mystery behind the murder and the motive. Most of the free murder mystery games online featured here allow you to show your crime-solving skills by questioning the suspects and best mystery games for pc free a variety of inventory and logic-based puzzles to get a clue.

They test your sleuthing skills by presenting difficult situations that require you to jog your grey cells and solve them. There are also special websites dedicated entirely to нажмите чтобы узнать больше detectives who want to unleash their deductive logic by collecting evidence and interrogating /16527.txt. They let you create your virtual detective and then transport you straight to the crime scene where the murder took place.

Whether online flash games or websites, the best free online murder mystery fr are quite immersive and engaging. At first, this point-and-click online interactive murder mystery game will remind you of film noir detective thrillers — the same black-and-white movie effect, a detective waiting for a client in his cabin, and a femme fatale who mysteriously bumps in for help.

But wait, the opening scene is slightly different than those classic Hollywood crime thrillers. Instead of a damsel-in-distress, you have a salesman who bumps in to sell crabs and gets murdered instantly. However, the 2D character artwork is crude. The game uses a point-and-click interface a la Maniac Mansion.

You will have to choose the right command from a list best mystery games for pc free commands at the bottom of the screen to interact with suspects and use them to solve puzzles. Since the main premise revolves around solving a murder case, the game surely allows you to unleash your detective skills. An online interactive murder mystery set in the medieval age, The Crown of Jewels is a nice little point-and-click flash game that tests your reasoning and puzzle-solving skills.

At first, you will have to escape a medieval /8670.txt by interacting with objects and using them to escape from a broken window. You will then have to engage in a discussion with the palace guards who will reveal that the King has been murdered and his crown stolen.

Your objective is best mystery games for pc free find the murderer and retrieve the stolen crown. The game uses the same point-and-click interface as seen on Maniac Mansion. You have a set of commands at the bottom of the screen. Choose the right command to best mystery games for pc free with the environment and solve a variety of puzzles.

With an interesting plot, a medieval setting and good 2D visuals, The Crown of Jewels is one of the best mystegy mystery games online. If you are looking for a site entirely dedicated to virtual crime scene investigations, then Sleuth is the right website for you.

This online point-and-click detective role-playing game has got a variety of cases to solve and all involve clue-searching, interviewing witnesses and questioning suspects. You can здесь any of mysterh featured murder best mystery games for pc free in multiple ways, and each ending will be different from the other.

Just like other murder mystery games online, Sleuth tests your deductive reasoning, but involves a little bit of luck to nab the culprit. Sleuth: Shades of Mystery has a character creation screen similar to a role-playing game.

You can choose anything from a freelance investigative reporter to a retired lawyer, a disillusioned police detective or disgraced doctor. While the character backgrounds are quite interesting and myster, the entire game truly clings to the murder mystery genre.

You will be transported to the crime scene, investigate the dead body and the surrounding areas, look for clues and collect evidence.

The site also has an online community where you can share your best mystery games for pc free skills with other detectives, seek hints from them and get help on anything related to the online interactive murder mystery games featured. A grungy motel room, a man found murdered in the shower, some bleach and blood trails…perfect ingredients for an online interactive murder mystery game.

Scene of Crime depicts the film noir perfectly. With graphic-novel type cut-scenes and superb pencil artwork, the game truly creates a tense atmosphere. The game involves collecting key evidence and using your deductive reasoning to find the suspect and crack the case.

Перейти на источник with the crime scene, you will have to investigate other rooms and gather evidence to get close to the suspect. This online best mystery games for pc free murder mystery game is quite interesting.

You must have a keen eye mysyery detail; if anything misses, you will miss a vital chance to nab the murderer. The lightening effects are truly well done and the graphics top-notch. Frde you are looking for engaging murder mystery games online, then you must play Scene of Crime. Play Scene of Crime Flash Game. Page content.


Top 10 Best Free Mystery Detective Games Online Ever!.10 Best Mystery Games that’ll make you feel like a true detective | GamesRadar+

Mystery Society 2: Hidden Objects. Varies with device. Garry’s Mod – Murder.


Best mystery games for pc free


Sister’s Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines. Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign. Search for the Wonderland. Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls. Blue Tear. Space Legends. Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten. Alice in Wonderland. Haunted House. Quest of the Sorceress. Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil. Dreamscapes 2. Dream Sleuth. The Time Machine: Trapped in Time. Treasure Island Extended Edition.

The Dreamatorium of Dr. Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny. Vampire Romance. Mysteryville 2. Exorcist 2. In Search of the Lost Temple.

Three Musketeers Secrets. Jane Angel: Templar Mystery. Hidden Secrets: Nostradamus. In this visually beautiful game, fairytale characters are getting murdered and players will control the protagonist of the story; Detective Bigby AKA Big Bad Wolf who is the sheriff of Fabletown. While it’s a fairy tale character-based game it’s still a mature thriller story with some pretty gruesome murders.

The investigation isn’t as detailed in this game but every choice the player makes has a serious impact on the outcome of the story.

Lucifer Within Us is a great choice for gamers who are into demons and all things supernatural. In this supernatural mystery game, players can take on the role of a digital exorcist and use their deduction and observation skills to solve increasingly intricate murders involving demons who forced people to commit these terrible crimes.

During the investigation, players have to examine all the evidence, including testimonies of the suspects, purify the possessed, and even purge demons if they can find them. It’s a fun game that will give players a unique story and some great opportunities to use their wits.

Let’s start from Mysteryville. Something very strange is going on in the town of Mysteryville and, as an ace reporter for Countryside Life Magazine, it’s up to you to find the truth. It seems the town cats are disappearing under suspicious circumstances. Visit the shops, question the residents and examine every detail in your search for the answers behind this feline mystery.

The next mystery game that we want you to know has a very dramatic and interesting storyline. Bootham is a mystery video game for Windows operating systems and available for web play. Bootham takes players on a journey that requires piecing together Alice Mystery Garden is a puzzle game that manages to pack in plenty of adventure and mystery at the same time.

The game takes the classic tale of Alice in Criminal Case 1 4. Free Download for Windows. Free Criminal Case Game for Mystery Lovers Criminal Case is a hidden objects game that is free to play and is already popular with millions of gamers around the world. Windows games for free for windows 7 mystery game mystery game for android mystery game for windows 7 mystery game free for android. Explore a cursed city in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery is a hidden-object mystery game in which you take on the role of the Seeker, an amnesiac mystical detective.

Windows hidden object games hidden object games for windows hidden object games for windows 10 hidden object games for windows free hidden object games free. Hidden City serves up eerie hidden-object puzzles In Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows, you take on the role of an investigator trying to learn the secret of an enigmatic city and the disappearance of a Windows action adventure games for android action adventure games free action adventure games free for android entertainment app entertainment game for android.

One Late Night 10 3. Change language. Install Steam. Your Store Your Store. Categories Categories. Special Sections. Player Support. Mystery Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Mystery products on Steam. Top Sellers. What’s Popular. Top Rated. Results exclude some products based on your preferences.

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